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Best Practices – Peripheral

TCT2019 TopShock Symposium: “CLI: Look Mom, No Recoil” Presentation by Dr. Peter Soukas

Dr. Peter Soukas presents his TopShock case at the Shockwave IVL sponsored TCT 2019 Symposium. The three TopShock competition finalists, Dr. Peter Soukas, Dr. Raj Tayal, and Dr. Thomas Waggoner, presented their impressive Shockwave IVL cases, which were then voted on by the audience to determine the TCT2019 TopShock Winner. Led by moderators Dr. Dean Kereiakes and Dr. Jonathan Hill.

Shockwave Intravascular Lithotripsy IVL helps facilitate first choice transfemoral access for TAVR

Prof. Carlo Di Mario Discusses IVL as first-choice access for TAVR.

Shockwave S4: Addressing the Challenges of Calcified Below-the-Knee Disease

Dr. Melissa Loja shares her thoughts on IVL for the treatment of calcified infrapopliteal lesions and why she turns to Shockwave S4 for her most challenging cases.

Shockwave IVL Patient Experience

Patient shares his personal experience addressing Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) with Shockwave Intravascular Lithotripsy (IVL).

Dr. Frank Arko on Facilitating Safe EVAR & TEVAR Delivery with IVL (Filmed by VEITH TV)

Dr. Frank Arko, Vascular Surgeon from Charlotte, NC, discusses the challenges associated with EVAR and TEVAR delivery through calcified iliac arteries, and how Shockwave IVL may offer a safe and simple option.

Dr. George Adams on Reducing BTK Recoil with IVL (Filmed by VEITH TV)

Dr. George Adams, Interventional Cardiologist from Raleigh, NC, discusses the challenges and complications of treating calcified BTK disease, and how Shockwave IVL potentially reduces complications and acute failures.

Case-in-Point: Maintaining Transfemoral Access Safely with Shockwave IVL

Case-in-Point Webinar #1: A Case-based Discussion with Dr. Raj Tayal Moderated by Dr. Chadi Alraies.

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